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SpreadCode is a mobile application development company from Sydney, Australia. We specialize in creating custom mobile applications for iPhone and Android. Our company can build your business the perfect mobile solution and create Web application to support and supplement your new product.

No matter the size of your company, SpreadCode is your one-stop partner to turn your mobile application idea into a productive and profitable reality.

SpreadCode is committed to staying on top of the latest trends, technologies, user experience designs, and marketing techniques. We are here to add value to your business and exceed your expectations.

Whether you already have an idea for your application in mind or need one that will bring your business to the next level, let us know about it. Our talented and creative team will leverage their knowledge and expertise to add mobile device capabilities to your application that are powerful and user-friendly. We make sure you get outstanding results.

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Idea           development

Do you want to make a presence on the mobile market but are not sure where to start? Or do you already have an application and want to improve it? We are passionate about discussing your ideas and relaying them to our development team. Give us your concept and we will come back to you with a vision and a prototype.

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Apple devices, running on the iOS, are the most advanced and widespread mobile devices yet. For both businesses and consumers, these devices are very prevalent and continue to grow in popularity. Our team goes beyond development by supporting the entire application lifecycle: building the iOS app, marketing it properly and supporting it after it is done.

Android development

The Android OS from Google is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms. Now more than ever, it is crucial for businesses to support applications across all major mobile platforms. Our company is proud to have experts in Android applications development, who can either build a new application for you or port an existing one from another mobile platform.

Web application development

Many mobile applications offer advanced capabilities which can supplement a web site or vice versa. A distributed system like this can benefit your business by creating a strong digital presence. Our team includes web development experts who can build your company a site of any complexity and design.

UX based solutions

Our software design and development is driven by user experience. We look at our product through an end user’s eyes to build a wireframe prototype of the application interface first. No matter how complex the solution is, we build it to your specifications while making sure the application design is clean and user-friendly.

Marketing and Advertisement

SpreadCode understands the importance of marketing and advertising your application. We can help you find the audience for your app, understand their technical needs, and ensure that your application delivers. With our marketing plan, you can be sure that every day more people will find your app and download it.

Additional capabilities

  • Porting apps between different platforms
  • Mobile web (mobile site design) / cross platforms.
  • Analytics and reporting

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The Specials Board*




*worked in collaboration with Structure6

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