Android development

Android development

The Android OS from Google is a new addition to the mobile market. However, it has already earned a sizable share of the market and keeps expanding.

Android distinguishes itself from other mobile operating systems by remaining open source software. This approach offers a host of benefits. This highly customizable platform is already powering some of the most popular phones on the market. With recent support for tablet devices as well, Android has extended its market share and accelerated growth for the coming years.

Android, a Google-developed operating system, has much integration with Google services. These integrations facilitate and accelerate the use of several major Internet services such as Gmail, Gtalk, Google Maps and YouTube.

For a business that wants a strong mobile presence, it is essential to offer applications across different platforms. Our team efficiently approaches Android application development with expertise in the Android Software Development Kit. We understand the technologies and tools required to build state-of-the-art Android applications. We can even port an existing application from another mobile platform.

The Android platform is growing and changing with unbelievable speed. At SpreadCode, we are always exploring the latest technology updates from Google. We are eager to leverage these new features in your application in order to create an innovative, creative and cutting-edge application for both enterprises and individuals.

We want to help your business enter the Android application market. Distinguish your company by offering your own Android application. Contact us now.

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