iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, is the predominant platform for mobile development. The iPhone and iPad are revolutionary products that not only create a new era of mobility, but also extend the web experience. The state-of-art iOS platform is growing faster than any other mobile OS, and Apple’s App Store contains over 300,000 iOS applications which have been used in diverse fields such as entertainment, business, and education. It is the ideal platform for all sorts of mobile applications.

At SpreadCode, we have extremely talented and passionate iOS developers. Our expertise in UX, design and development ensures that we understand client requirements, recognize technical challenges and know the workarounds, so we can implement an application according to mobile standards. Our developers can turn your idea into outstanding application and make it shine.

iOS is an ideal platform for mobile applications, and the App Store development and publishing process are very well supported, making the iOS platform very appealing. iOS devices are loaded with functionality and features, which our team can leverage for your application and your business. Here are some of the features:

iAd Camera and Photo library
GPS + maps + Compass Video
Accelerometer and gyro Retina display
Internet access and networking Address book
Push notification vs sms Calendar
Store in app data Multitask
Music library Air print
Quick look Multitouch screen

SpreadCode is dedicated to iPhone development and follows new trends, technologies and strategies. That is why the applications we build are cutting-edge. We use this knowledge and experience to exceed your expectations. Our team can build a custom made native iPhone application and support it both independently and with web-service integration.

Enter this extremely exciting and profitable mobile application market with your new iPhone application as an individual or business. Contact us now

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